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Project Description
This is demo application to show -> how to implement auto complete Textbox in MVC. This project is using JQuery and .NET 4.0 MVC4

This project is not using any 3rd party DLL. Simple JQuery and MVC4

  1. Download Source Code
  2. Check models/AccountModels.cs - >  public class City..... 
     Check models/AccountModels.cs - >  public class RegisterModel.....
     Check AccountController.cs - > LookupCity   
     Check AccountController.cs - >  public ActionResult JsonRegister(RegisterModel model)
     Check Views/Account/RegisterPartial.ascx
     in RegisterPartial.ascx -> please change url to your url , right now it is ---> url: "http://localhost:49195/Account/LookupCity", type: "POST", dataType: "json",
  3. Click Register on top/left...


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